Friday, 1 December 2017

Year 5 E.O.T.C. P.M.I.

Here is a video on EOTC. Enjoy.

E.O.T.C. P.M.I.

Rock climbing was really fun. I was nearly at the top but my legs was slipping off the rock climbing wall.
I didn’t like biking because it made me tried.
At Stardome I learnt about the galaxies.
Healthy Sandwich, Unhealthy burger,
Swimming, Stardome and
Rock climbing, ice block, candy and movie.
Rock climbing was one of the things I did not want to do because I'm scared of heights.
We learnt about constellations, the sun, stars, asteroids and the first person to walk on the moon.
On Monday the  year five were going on a trip to the Stardome. We had lots of fun. We saw lots of planets. also did same activity.
On Tuesday the year five were doing rock climbing. I didn’t like rock climbing because of all the rocks.
In the stardome I felt confident because I didn’t know the answer to the question.
I loved doing rock climbing on Tuesday and having burgers for lunch on Friday.
Biking on Thursday made me tired as a marathon runner.
Going to the ip to the Kiwi Kapers concert was really magical. I didn’t know that you need a lot of instruments for a oprah band.
On Wednesday I loved going to the Manurewa pool to go swimming.  I loved having healthy sandwich on Thursday.  
The thing I didn’t like was biking. We had to bike around the whole school and
I got tired.
During Rock Climbing, I learnt was how to put the harness on.
Unhealthy burgers was amazing and yum. I also liked movie time. I ate heaps of lollies,popcorn and chips.
I didn’t like playing basketball because everyone was pushing in.
When we went to Kiwi Kapers, it was amazing. I loved how there were rainbow floors.
Watching movies were amazing. We ate lollies, chips, popcorn and ice blocks.
Biking wasn’t that great because I wasn’t good at it. I had to stay with the non confident people and learn how to bike.
Kiwi Kapers concert was spectacular. The music was delightful and the performance was amazing too.

Year 6 Camp P.M.I.

Carey Park Camp PMI
I really enjoyed Rock climbing because we started with the easiest wall
then to the medium one. Dante attempted the hard one first. After he made it up  to the top he had to dance.
I did not like ralf building because
the water was so deep on the far side of the river. I was scared even though we had life jackets on.
It was my first time using an air rifle.
I liked the flying fox because you get to go fast.  I enjoyed the kayaking. When you are finished, you get to go for a swim.We also we did a bonfire when we finished.
I did not like the rope maze and the raft building.
What was interesting about camp is meeting new people.
When I played archery, I did not miss any of my six arrows. I got a bullseye.
I did not like the raft building because there was no teamwork.
The interesting thing about camp was the rope swing on the confidence course because I made it.
I really enjoyed all of the activities and everyone chants were so cool.
What I didn't like is that I had to wake up so early because my cabin buddies were talking so loud.
I got close to a lot of people especially  the staff members at Carey Park.
Learning how to Kayak and tipping everyone out of theirs. I also enjoyed getting to the top of the rock climbing wall and hi- fiving the roof! I also really enjoyed the flying fox and doing the spider man.
I did not like the chatter box in my dorm and spending half the night asking her to be quiet. I also did not enjoy the mattress because it was quite uncomfortable.
Everything! Especially the people who took the activities. My favourite was Joel and Nissy. I liked Joel because he had the most enthusiastic laugh. Nissy was quite nice and funny herself!
River games were really cool. When we did the activities, we got to have a swim in the cold river.    
What I didn’t like is the air rifles. I was scared because I thought that the guns were real. When it was my turn, some people were cheering for me. I gave it a go.
What was really interesting is the rope maze, it was my first time.
What I really enjoyed was doing rock climbing. I got to put on a harness and learnt how to put a clip on.
What I didn’t like is going in the cold water without knowing during Raft building.  
What was really interesting was eating marshmallows around the bonfire.
Touching the roof on rock climbing. Getting to pop the balloon with a one shot at archery.
I didn't like the onion because it tasted disgusting. I also did not like the slip and slide because it was cold.
Having dessert that’s marshmallow and chocolate mousse with hundreds and thousands.